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ALL GALLERY::Games: Chess, Checkers & CardsALL GalleryApril 19
AWG Lecture::Greg Kowalski::May 15, 7:30 PMAlert!May 15
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AWG Lecture::Greg Kowalski::May 15, 7:30 PM
Greg Kowalski

The work of Lowell-based digital
media artist Greg Kowalski bridges
theatre and performance art.

Artists Working Group presents a lecture by artist Greg Kowalski. Greg works with digital technology, sound and theater to create performances and environmental installations with rich visual elements created live by the performers. He will talk about his unique blend of art and technology and show some clips of his work.

Weds. May 15 7:30 PM
free and light refreshments

Greg Kowalski

For more information, contact Geoffrey Koetsch gkoetsch@gmail.com
Visit us at Facebook.com/AWGLowell

ALL Arts Gallery
307 Market Street
Lowell, MA 01852