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Greenwald Gallery Rental Opportunities - 2020OpportunityJanuary 1
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Call for Lowell based artists::Welcome Flag Installation
Call for Lowell based Artists

Welcome Flag Installation

We are inviting artists to create unique and beautiful Flags for the Welcoming Week Lowell events which will take place September 13 - 22, 2019.

Now in its second year, Welcoming Week brings together Immigrants, refugees, new arrivals and native Lowellians to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone to our vibrant and culturally rich city.

Beautiful artist made flags will serve to showcase the talent and energy of our artistic community with a message of welcome and inclusion. 25 flags are available, and will create a beautiful collaborative installation when gathered and displayed.

How to participate:
Sign up to create a flag by contacting Mary Hart mjhart206@gmail.com
You will receive a 2' by 3' solid color nylon flag to use as your canvas.
Flags are to have a vertical (portrait) orientation for designs.
Designs may be anything you imagine to express welcome, words, images, both or simply colors, but please do not make nationality flags!
Media: Anything permanent and weather-safe: fabric paint, applique, embroidery, quilting, screen print, digital transfer - use your artistic imagination!

Flags will be available for pickup Wednesday, July 10 at Arts League of Lowell noon to 6 or by prior arrangement.
Flags should be finished and dropped off to Arts League of Lowell by September 1

Please pin your name onto the flag on a separate small piece of paper (labels will be made)

Flags will be hung at various locations during Lowell Welcoming Week and we are planning a garden Reception Friday evening, September 20 for artists and the public, with the flags on display.

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